A Dissolution or Divorce?
Litigate or Mediate?

Divorce mediation is rapidly becoming the divorce method of choice for couples across the nation. Divorce mediation prevents the conflict and emotional fallout of a long court battle, as well as the tremendous expense for both parties involved. In a litigated divorce, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and, at best, have limited control over the outcome.

A judge will ultimately be the one who decides what to do with your house, your bank account, your pension and your children. In contrast, divorce mediation offers all the same protections that attorney-assisted divorces offer, but with the added benefit of a non-adversarial process that puts you in control of what happens.

Studies show that mediated agreements are more likely to be honored than litigated settlements. Mediation is a time-tested approach to the resolution of separation, calculating spousal support, divorce and custody disputes, offering couples a more effective and equitable choice compared to litigated divorces.

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How Mediation Works

Couples choosing to mediate select a neutral third party – a mediator – who helps them negotiate and decide how to divide their financial assets and debts, as well as make critical decisions regarding their children. The mediator helps the couple come to agreement on all issues, assisting them in making fair and informed decisions. All discussions are private, the schedule is up to the couple, and they still have the option of court if any point of contention is not resolved in mediation.
You want to avoid a long, costly court battle, and a “do-it-yourself” divorce is just too risky. There is another option – mediation. But how does it work?

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When you choose Sheila Duffy as your mediator, you know you are getting someone with the experience and the passion to help you through your dissolutions or divorces. For the past 20+ years, Sheila has helped thousands of couples while making sure there is fairness for both sides, and most importantly fairness for your children.